The world of twelve-year-old Isaf is turned upside down when he discovers Yara hiding in his attic. Despite some initial distrust, the boy and the traumatized Syrian refugee girl become…

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A teacher is set to do his daily routine classroom at the school he works, during one of the most difficult days to teach. Crew Director Stelios Koupetoris Screenplay Stelios…

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THE VISIT Klaus (60) works voluntary as a Santa Claus in a shopping mall. After an exhausting day, he considers to hang up his job. But then, he gets a…

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SYNOPSIS It’s hard to imagine anybody living a normal life in the Gaza Strip. Frequently labeled as the world’s largest open-air prison, it makes an appearance on news reports every…

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ALIEN Reonghee and I are illegal aliens. Yesterday, Reonghee died while running away from the Immigrant Office Agents. The company we worked for is only concerned about covering up the…

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STRANDED Helena Taberna (2019) On the Mediterranean, the sea where the western civilization was founded, thousands of refugees wait to be granted protection in Europe. At the doors of the…

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The exciting story of a man locked in a Portuguese fado   The moving story about a man locked in a Portuguese   Producer / Production Company: SEVENRAIN FILMS Address…

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In a forgotten village, where everyone is cut from the same cloth, a new, self-proclaimed leader arrives changing the local way of life. Dividing lines are carved out as the…

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