A Room with Millions of Walls

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A Room with Millions of Walls is a short film by director Muhanad al-Hariri. It deals with the sufferings of a European photographer who is sitting alone in his room unable to forget the scenes he saw during his stay in Homs in 2012. Together with his colleague, the American journalist Mary Colvin (The Sunday Times), who was killed in Homs, he had been trying to open a hole into the siege on Homs whereby the Syrian regime wanted to prevent the world from learning what was going on. But now he is trapped himself, surrounded by his memories. Written by Anonymous


Muhanad al Hariri


Eduard Cousin, Hasan Khermashow, Tamara Wyrtki


Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival “Red carpet HRFF” is a festival for short and long narrative and documentary films will be held in Gaza Strip to highlights human rights issues, mainly in Palestine and generally all over the world.

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