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Hassan is a child who lives on the street. His brother was accused of witchcraft and burned alive in front of him. His stepfather tells him the devil is inside, so he runs away so they do not kill him. Hassan always has a tape recorder with which he tells us about his life, that of other children and that of a beautiful country, but anchored in dan.



Production Company / Production Company: Ignacio Leuza Fernández

Direction / Direction: Natxo Leuza Fernandez

Script / Script: Natxo Leuza Fernandez

Production / Production: Natxo Leuza Fernandez

Photography / Cinematography: Natxo Leuza Fernandez

Editing / Editing: Natxo Leuza Fernandez

Sound / Sound: Danel Ciaurriz

Music / Music: Mikel Salas


Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival “Red carpet HRFF” is a festival for short and long narrative and documentary films will be held in Gaza Strip to highlights human rights issues, mainly in Palestine and generally all over the world.

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