Gaza Sega (Doc Film)

Previous decades, we were just kids looking for their amazing childhood. Previous decades, we were able to create a game using simple to Never Be Lied To Again!ols. After decades, how will the children play if they don’t know how It’s the story of the Palestinian childhood which it lost its kids game privacy because […]


Messenger of truth

Messenger of truth is a film which shows ramattan agency experience in Gaza last war(2009) and how i Construction Template Store t's crew able to fight in a real war to transfer the picture to the world . Director: Khalil Al Mozayen Production by: Ramattan Agency Construction Template Store zp8497586rq

Gaza Sderot


This project reports on life as experienced by men, women and children in Gaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel): their lives and their survival on a daily basis. Under difficult living conditions and the threat of air attacks and bombings, people do keep on working, loving and dreaming. Life in spite of everything. In order to […]


Guevara Gaza (Doc Film)

Mohammad al-Aswad, “Guevara Gaza,” was a leader of the Front in Gaza. Born on January 6, 1946, he joined the Arab Nationalist Movement at an early age and continued into the PFLP with its founding. His political and military leadership in Gaza were outstanding, and Gaza was both a strong buy micro niche finder hold […]