Good bye Papa

Goodbye Papa/ وداعا أبي

“Goodbye Papa” is a touching shortfilm-drama about a boy coping with the death of his father and the grief that comes with it.
Young Benedict is very attached to his father’s old set of medieval armor and it is the only thing that gives him any comfort. Trying to be a knight, he ends up getting into a fight at school with a long-time bully. His mother is forced to sell his suit of armor in an effort to help her son move on. Benedict must then go on a great adventure to get the armor back. Along the way, he learns what it is to be a true knight, with or without his armor.

Producer: Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt
Director: Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt
Screenplay: Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt, Matthias Krumrey
Camera: Thomas Förster
Runtime: 27 Min
County: Germany

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