Montaser Al Sabea


Montaser  Al sabea


ID : 800759136456409_4698288531897_811019610_o (1)


Gaza, Palestine


Birthday : 30/5/87


Cell +(972)0599 497128 ;






Montaser Al sbea  Is a Palestinian freelance filmmaker , he has experience in direction and production as well as technical skills in Editing , mixing , lighting and filming  .





  • High School Palestine, ( 2005 ) .    
  • Bachelor Degree in Multimedia




Director and Editor  in lama film company


Graphic Designer in Palestinian water authority “PMU”


Trainer multimedia Courses in new line company , Professional information technology company .



Symposium Promo  – Gaza Center for culture and arts

Tow short Documentary for lama film

Executive Director for  NDC office Gaza film 

Executive Director  for five animation spot for UNMAS



Sara feature film

ESU Short Documentary  film for UNRWA

al waheel Documenty film For Al jazeera Satellite Channel

Popular Achievement Short Documentary film for Quaker

Clip Helwa al donia UNMAS Media Project

Five Animation spots for UNMAS

Four Spots for Al ketab Satellite Channel



Gaza36mm Documentary film “French dubbing”

ESU Short Documentary  film for UNRWA

Popular Achievement Short Documentary  film for Quaker


Assistant director

Sara feature film directed by khalil almozain

Palestine water authority media project

4short Documentary  for UNRWA

3 short Drama for UNMAS


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