Backward Run/ الركض الى الوراء

A self-censored film criticizing press censorship on Gezi Park protests. This originally hand drawn(No video replication) animated short film was urgently completed in 18 days (after the Gezi Park protests which was happened in Turkey between May-June 2013) for the national and the international media and for the film festivals. This film is dedicated to […]


Besieged Bread/فيلم خبز الحصار

سوريا عام ٢٠١٥. إنه يوم طويل من تهريب الخبز إلى المنطقة المحاصرة. الشجرة هي الملجأ الوحيد لها. هو هرب تاركاً كل شيء وراءه. كلاهما يعرفان أن ليس هناك مفر. Syria 2015, it’s a long day of smuggling bread to the besieged area. A standing tree is her only shelter. He runs away leaving everything behind him. They both […]


Survival visa / سبعة أرواح

  When disaster strikes, the NASA (National Agency Survival & Arabic) Publishes a call for applicants for a limited number of Survival Visas. Director: Nadia RAIS Category: Animation Country of production: Tunisia Production : Propaganda Production Producer : Imed MARZOUK Animation : Amine KEFI