About Red Carpet  Human Rights Film Festival

Red Carpet  Member of the Human Rights Film Network “HRFN”

Member of the Arab Network for Human Rights Film Festivals ANHAR

Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival is an annual festival for long, short, narrative and documentary films held in Gaza strip to shed the light on human rights issues in Palestine.

Holding a film festival in Palestine created a status of communication with the world through the window of cinema. Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival contributed in creating and flourishing both cinema and cultural statues..

Festival organizers:

The festival was established and organized by Lama Film Group, a group of Palestinian directors and activists in the cultural field who specialize in re-activating filmmaking in Palestine…. Our team. Or contact us .


• Shed the light on human rights issues, particularly in Palestine and generally all over the world.
• Raise the visual and audible awareness of the human rights issues among the public through discussions and seminar.
• Broaden the Palestinian population’s communication with the world through cinema.
• Give the opportunity to Palestinians filmmakers to expose their films to reach a wider audience.
• Enhance the cultural situation in the Palestinian territories.
• An invitation to Palestinian society for reopening the old cinema halls in the Gaza strip.

Khalil Al-Mozian
Saud Na'eem Aburamadan
Montaser Al-Sabea
Saeed Swairki
Salman Nwati
Abed El-Rahman Hussien
Hana Awad
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