Gaza hosts 3rd annual Red Carpet Festival

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The Red Carpet Festival is held in the Gaza Strip this year for the third year in a raw, amid international and Arab attention.

This year, the Hash-Tag of the festival will be “Let’s go back,” which coincides with one hundred years for The Balfour Declaration.

The participants, who are ordinary people, will walk on a 100-meter red carpet, that symbolizes 100 years for the declaration, where the text of the Balfour Declaration is printed on the carpet. The carpet will be rolled on the ground of the fishermen sea wharf.

The Red Carpet festival marks the “Right of Return,” the release of hunger strikers imprisoned in Israeli jails, the return of national unity, the end of the internal division and the return to the state of the beautiful and stable life that the Palestinian people experienced in the past, where beautiful cinemas and theaters flourished and life was beautiful one day.

The festival was held for the first time in the same date in 2015 amid the rubble of houses destroyed by the Israeli occupation in al-Shajaiya neighborhood east of Gaza City.


Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival “Red carpet HRFF” is a festival for short and long narrative and documentary films will be held in Gaza Strip to highlights human rights issues, mainly in Palestine and generally all over the world.

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